Beating Diabetes Naturally

Beating diabetes is the mission of all those with this condition, their families and friends and all the advocates, self-proclaimed or otherwise, who fight for those who are suffering from this. The tide is still on the rise though and the sad part is that it is preventable.

Beating diabetes can be done naturally. The beauty of this is that there are no side effects. You must have heard of this before but this time we will go into more details. Yes, you guess it right. The way to do this is through lifestyle changes. This time we will delve into the specifics involved.

When we say lifestyle changes, there are concepts involved. Each one involves a change in habit which is difficult, I know. But think, compared to having to deal with the complications, changing to healthy habits will be like child play. So shall we do it?

First one on the agenda is weight management. This is only easy if you put your mind to it. It is eating healthy and exercising adequately. Let us deal with exercise and the eating habits where you have to have strategies to be successful in achieving the goal.

We all know that exercise is essential and thirty minutes a day will do it. This coupled with eating healthy in moderate portion will lead to a successful weight management. This is where we come to the problem on how we can be sure of success. One is to keep a journal of what is eaten and the amount of exercise done for any given day.

It is also wise to find out why we eat too much. Sometimes eating is triggered by boredom, anger, loneliness, stress and other emotions. We have to address these issues in order to achieve the goal. Then focus on not being thin but rather on being healthy.

After the emotional issues have been addressed, then there are some strategies that will help like eating slowly and losing weight in small doses for losing weight quickly is more likely just losing it from the water and muscles and not from fat. Weight loss from fat is attained by slowly losing by one or two pounds a week. Getting rid of 250 calories from food and spending 250 calories from exercise will make you lose one pound a week.

Eating less fat will help but this should be done wisely. Eating less fat but replacing it with more fat-free foods is not the way to go because some fat-free foods are rich in calories. The weight training will help lose more weight because the more muscle tissue there is, the more calories are burned.

Keeping active will help stabilize the blood glucose levels and get rid of the risk factors that can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol levels and all kinds of diseases. Exercising regularly has benefits for it helps improve glucose transport and metabolism.

Maintaining a diet with more consumption of raw vegetables, five fruits a day, and plenty of water is highly recommended in beating diabetes naturally. Adding fiber to food consumption is good not only because it helps move the food out of the intestinal track but also because their chromium content helps control the blood sugar level.

Here are some foods that experts say help normalize the blood glucose level: lettuce, carrot, tomatoes, garlic, onion, cucumber, string beans and other colorful vegetables. Yogurt and butter milk are also beneficial as part of the dietary strategy.

Reducing the stress in the daily life will help. So will avoiding cigarettes and lowering alcohol intake. Alcohol is absorbed directly into the blood stream and is not metabolized in the stomach. Combined with the blood sugar lowering medication, alcohol intake could lead to hypoglycemia.

The third way to control diabetes is through supplements that do not have the side effects the drugs could have. This is not from advise of other people but from what has been scientifically proven as safe and efficient in beating diabetes naturally.

Remember these three strategies. The combination of proper diet, exercise and supplements cannot be beat. They have been proven to work wonders in stabilizing the blood glucose levels and generally contributing to healthy living. Try this combo and pretty soon you will show some success in beating diabetes naturally.

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